This site in no ways claims to be the all-encompassing source of Sitatex or Type-B knowledge but aims to help you where it can.
There is a wide variety of information on the various Sitatex versions but also on related products like Skyform, Multitex and various other subjects.
If you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact me on

There are a number of subjects to choose from, first of all the current four Sitatex versions.
On all four of these pages you can find a number of screendumps of that version for your reference:

Sitatex V3
Sitatex V4
Sitatex for Windows
Sitatex V6
A number of charts comparing the various versions
Then there are a few programs related to Sitatex:
Software Development Kits (SDK).
And finally the stuff that didn't fit anywhere else:
An explanation of various address formats (Type-B, X400, SMTP, AFTN) and address mapping
General questions.
Sitatex hardware requirements.

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