Skyform is a program to send and receive so-called SPEC2000 messages. SPEC2000 defines the way companies communicate about spare parts of airplanes, repairs of those parts and warranty issues surrounding those parts.
The whole specification is under control of ATA (American Transport Association) and they in turn are working together with all their member airlines on this, SITA has therefore no direct control over the context of the messages!

One part of the whole definition is about electronic exchange of information (EDI!) and the exact format of the messages involved. Since these messages have to be understood by computers on both side the format of the messages is very rigid. Because of the complexity of the matter involved, the amount of data and the amount of variables is large.

A typical SPEC2000 could look like this:

Note the first line of the message which says CAM. This is an indication that it is a SPEC2000 message. If that was not there no system wud accept the message as being a SPEC2000 message.
As you can see the message is quite complex and every slash, dot and character has to be exactly where it is now.
This is where Skyform comes in, it works by showing the user an easy to fill in form to create a message like the one above:

There isn't much to say about Skyform because it is a highly specialized application. Just note that there are several ways to use the program. In the main screen you have two function keys (F2 and F3) with which you can switch the role of the user and the type of messages. The options are:

F2 - toggle between SUPPLIER and CUSTOMER

Specific training for Skyform is not available but more SPEC2000 information can be found on the ATA SPEC2000 website: